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Flooring Restoration, Mooresville, NC

Instead of replacing, what if flooring restoration was an option for you?

In our disposable-loving society today, it’s not uncommon when something is damaged or broken to forget about the repair process and opt for something new instead. With your flooring, however, the replacement process might be more than you are able to handle, so you may end up living with stains or buckling floors when you don’t have to! Here at Above Board Flooring, our flooring restoration process makes it possible to repair floors that you didn’t think were salvageable, and for a better price than replacing them entirely. Let’s take a look at some of the flooring restoration options that are available for your Mooresville, North Carolina property.

Flooring Restoration in Mooresville, North Carolina

First, let’s look at carpeting. Even though we know it is important to have our carpets cleaned regularly, many of us forget or don’t have the time! Sometimes the stains might be deep or you may have spots that are unsalvageable, like a burn mark. In these instances, we are able to remove the damaged portion of your carpeting and replace it with new and matching carpeting, expertly blending the edges so the transition from original to new won’t be obvious.

Now, let’s take a look at hardwood flooring restoration. Do you have areas that are splitting, cracking, cupping, buckling or otherwise damaged? Instead of replacing your beautiful hardwoods with something less expensive and less desirable, let our certified hardwood flooring experts take a look instead! We can work magic, or what feels like magic, with our hardwood flooring restoration process, leaving you with hardwood flooring that blends beautifully and seamlessly from new to original.

If your flooring is damaged, don’t toss it out just yet! Let our experts at Above Board Flooring take a look and determine if flooring restoration will work for you.

At Above Board Flooring, we offer flooring restoration services in Lake Norman, Charlotte, Cornelius, Denver, Huntersville, Mooresville, Pineville, Matthews, Ballantyne, Sherrills Ford, and Terrell, North Carolina.