Which Carpet is Best for Your Carpet Installation?

If you are looking at getting new carpet for your space, one of the best things you can do to make your carpet installation go smoothly is make sure you choose the right type of carpet for your space in the first place! Here at Above Board Flooring, we have a few tips to help you choose the right carpet for your space.

make your carpet installation go smoothly

First, consider the area where you will put your carpeting. Areas with a lot of traffic, such as an office space, hallways or high-use living spaces, should avoid carpeting with a lot of thickness. Thick padding can go a long way in making low-pile carpets feel soft underfoot without worrying about your carpet being tramped down and looking worn beyond its years. Areas like bedrooms or low-use rooms can enjoy higher pile carpeting.

Second, consider the coloring of your carpet. If you are going to be putting your carpeting into an area with a lot of foot traffic or spill potential, then you will want to add some texture or color variance to your carpeting. One straight color of carpet will show every single piece of lint of spill, so you’ll want to use varying carpeting for a busy family with lots of spills.

Finally, consider special circumstances such as pets. Pets always have and always will want to mark their territory on your new, soft carpeting! Thinking ahead and getting carpeting that has stain-blocking abilities is great for pets.

To learn more about carpet installation and the right type of carpeting for your space, contact us at Above Board Flooring.