Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Flooring Company

Here at Above Board Flooring, we want to help you make the best decisions for your home. Any kind of home renovation or repair is a serious undertaking, and you will naturally want to make sure that you have the best people on the job. To help you screen potential candidates and guide your selection process, our team Above Board Flooring has put together a list of questions to ask before you hire a flooring company.

find the best flooring company

  • What’s Your Track Record? When interviewing potential flooring companies, always ask to see their references. A trustworthy business will be happy to let you view their portfolio and ready to provide positive testimonials from past clients. We recommend you also take the time to do your own research, searching the web for other reviews to see if they line up with the ones the company provides.
  • Are You Certified and Insured? Another essential question to ask flooring company candidates is whether they have the proper certification and insurance. Again, any legitimate company will readily hand over documentation of their qualifications and insurance coverage so that you can feel confident in their skills and know that you will be protected in the case of damage or injury on the job.
  • What Types of Flooring Do You Offer? You likely already have a vision for your new floor, and have a particular type of flooring in mind. When interviewing potential flooring companies, ask about what flooring options they offer and how much experience they have with installing each. This gives you an opportunity to weed out anyone who doesn’t offer your desired option or have enough experience working with it.

We at Above Board Flooring hope that these questions help you in your quest to find the best flooring company.