Help! My Carpet is Ruined . . . Isn’t It? What You Need to Know About Carpet Repair.

Carpet is a great material. It is soft under your feet, comfortable to walk on, insulating in terms of both warmth and sound, and is even one of the more affordable options of flooring. However, carpeting, like other types of flooring, is vulnerable to spills or issues that can sometimes be damaging and permanent. If you have a scorch mark from an iron that fell without you noticing, a nail polish, wine or pet stain that has been ground into the fibers, or just an area where your toddler decided to practice their scissor skills, you might be worried that your carpet is ruined. Replacing an entire area of carpeting can get expensive, especially if it’s just one small area that is damaged. That makes carpet repairs a great option for those areas that can’t be saved. Here at Above Board Flooring, we are here to help you with your carpet repair needs.

we are here to help you with your carpet repair needs

Many people don’t even realize that carpet repair is an option until they have been shown some examples of what repaired carpet looks like. When you have a professional like ours at Above Board Flooring take care of your carpet repair, you’ll be shocked at how seamless it looks. Carpet repair is done with the exact carpeting that yours is, usually from a remnant or extra piece. If your carpet color has been discontinued, you can still have repairs done by taking a small piece from an inconspicuous area, such as the back of a closet, and replacing that area with a close match.

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