Do You Really Need a Professional Flooring Inspection After Damages? In Short--Yes!

When you have a disaster like flooding or water damage, it can take awhile to recover from the damage. After certain types of damage, your flooring damage might be irreversible and need replacement. However, after other types of damage, you might be shocked to realize that not only is your flooring able to be repaired, but that it can look and feel just as it did before the damage occurred! The key to figuring out which side of the fence you are on when it comes to replacement or restoration is often a professional flooring inspection.

professional flooring inspection

When you get a professional flooring inspection, not only are you getting the chance to keep your existing flooring and save a little money, but you’re also getting peace of mind that the damage will not come back in other forms. For example, water damage is a common reason for flooring damage. A professional flooring inspection can tell you not just about what flooring needs to be replaced and which needs repair, but can also tell you if those repairs will last due to the subfloor. If your contractor or other non-flooring professional performs your repairs, they might just repair or replace the vinyl, wood, or carpeting without examining the subfloor. If a subfloor is wet, even new flooring can be ruined by the remaining moisture or by mold. Only a professional flooring inspection can prevent this.

If you are wondering if you need an inspection, call the professionals at Above Board Flooring for a flooring inspection — it might just save you the process of replacing your flooring twice for the same damage!