Bathroom Flooring Choices for Your Home

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is often the most important and frequently used room in any home. It needs to be able to stand up to extreme hot and cold, soap and lotions, water, humidity, and let’s not forget items like the curling iron! A well-designed bathroom means that it can withstand the use and abuse that other types of rooms wouldn’t be able to handle. While many choices are made strictly for utilitarian purposes, others are made my design. Here at Above Board Flooring, we have come up with some bathroom flooring choices that can work for your home.

bathroom flooring choices that can work for your home

  • Classically Historical– If you have the joy of living in a historical home, you also have the challenge of wanting to mix newer styles with historical character. To do this, you can keep your bathroom flooring on the historical side by looking at tiles and types of flooring popular when your home was built, and then modern takes on these tiles.
  • Contemporary– Using bold colors and clean lines screams contemporary, so don’t hesitate to add in clean lines and neat angles to your bathroom flooring to accent your contemporary style.
  • Marvelous Mid-Century– Midcentury styles loved a clean, minimalistic style in their furnishings as well as architecture. For midcentury bathroom flooring choices, keep it simple! A straight set pattern of simple tiles will help shift the focus onto the elements in the room rather than the colors and patterns.

If you would like to choose some new bathroom flooring for your home or even your commercial property, we would love to help you here at Above Board Flooring today.