Advantages that Crawlspace Encapsulation Can Have for Your Home

In areas like Mooresville, North Carolina, you aren’t going to see many properties built with basements. However, you will see lots of houses that are built with large and expansive crawlspaces. Here at Above Board Flooring, we see more crawlspaces than most people do, and we would like to tell you a little bit about the crawlspace encapsulation process and how it can be beneficial to your home.

Advantages that Crawlspace Encapsulation Can Have for Your Home

First, crawlspace encapsulation is great for the air quality in your home. Many people mistakenly believe that since the crawlspace is underneath their home, the separation by the flooring and joists make them separate spaces. This is, sadly, quite untrue. As much as 50% of the airflow coming into your home can come in through the crawlspace, so it’s crucial that this space is clean and free of common issues like pests, mold or excessive moisture.

Second, you can enjoy better temperature consistency and efficiency through crawlspace encapsulation. Any time there is a change in the temperature or moisture levels in your home, your HVAC system needs to respond to create the consistent, balanced environment we are used to. Crawlspace encapsulation works to decrease humidity and keep temperature levels more consistent, leading to a more efficient HVAC system and more comfortable living space.

Finally, crawlspace encapsulation is great for avoiding moisture and pests in your crawlspace. Without excess moisture, mold and pests that eat moist wood, like termites, are less likely to inhabit your crawlspace area.

To learn more about crawlspace encapsulation for your Mooresville property, please visit this page or give us a call today at Above Board Flooring.