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4 Reasons to Consider Flooring Restoration for your Hardwood Floors

Few options in flooring can offer the same elegance and charm as natural hardwood floors. Whether you have antique wood floors that are original to your home or a more modern look, good hardwood is highly sought after. Although hardwood is not immune to damage, the bright side is there are professionals you can turn to for flooring restoration that can bring new life and beauty back to your hardwood floors. Here are a few signs you might need flooring restoration:

1.   Termite damage – Even though they’re tiny, termites and other pests have been known to cause a great deal of damage to homes, including hardwood floors. If your floors have fallen victim to these little pests, our flooring restoration service can make your look floors look beautiful again.

2.   Scratches – With years of use, its normal for scratches to appear. Even deep cuts can be repaired when you have a highly trained professional on your side. They can also teach you how to best prevent future damage.

4 Reasons to Consider Flooring Restoration for your Hardwood Floors

3.   Dull or faded – If you have antique wood floors that have been covered for many years, they may be in good shape, but just in need of a little TLC.

4.   Water damage – If your polyurethane has worn off, your floors can begin to look gray as moisture is absorbed by the wood and begins to oxidize. It is critical that you act quickly when you see that your floor is graying as it will turn darker and become increasingly difficult to repair over time.

There’s no one who’s put more time and effort into understanding flooring restoration than our team at Above Board Flooring. We’ve gone through vigorous training to learn how to provide you with the best. Call us today for a free estimate.