3 Signs That You May Need Hardwood
Flooring Repair

Your floors are one of the most essential features to your home’s overall function. They bear the weight of all your furniture and belongings, as well as the friction and pressure of foot traffic. Here at Above Board Flooring, we know that damage to your floor can seriously disrupt your normal routine and have a big impact on how much you can use the various spaces in your home. We want to help you catch any possible issues with your hardwood floors before they can reach that point. To help you do that, our team at Above Board Flooring has put together a list of three warning signs that indicate that you may need hardwood flooring repair.

professional flooring repair technicians to replace the damaged boards

1.Warped or Damaged Boards- There are a number of factors that can impact your hardwood floors and cause the boards to warp or bend, such as changes in humidity or direct water exposure. In these cases, it is possible for professional flooring repair technicians to replace the damaged boards without having to sacrifice the whole floor.

2.Creaks or Other Noises- Another sign that you may need flooring repair is increased noise production. Over time, boards in a hardwood floor will become loose, causing them to rub against their neighbors and produce squeaks, creaks, or other sounds as you walk on them. In cases like this, repair technicians can fix the problem by re-fastening the boards or adding additional lubricant to prevent creaking.

3.Over 20 Years Old- Another factor that contributes to your need for flooring repair is the age of your hardwood covering. With proper care, a hardwood floor can last for over a century, and part of that care regimen is having the floor refinished at least every 20 years. Refinishing removes current scratches and stains and protects against future ones. If your hardwood floor is over 20 years old, call our team at Above Board Flooring to get our professional assessment on whether it’s time for flooring repair or refinishing.