3 Signs Flooring Damage Restoration is an Option for You

When a disaster occurs, often the cleanup and restoration process can be just as painful as the disaster itself. Whether you have flooding, fire, or other damages, you might not realize that you have the option to save some, if not all, of your existing flooring with flooring damage restoration services from professionals like ours at Above Board Flooring.

flooring damage restoration could very well be a possibility for you

How do you know if flooring damage restoration is an option for you? There are a few things that you can look for that will tell you if restoration or replacement is a more likely scenario, including:

  1. Dry subfloor. When the subfloor (which is usually made of particle board or plywood) becomes wet under your flooring, it can start to grow mold, warp, shift, and damage the flooring laid on top of it. However, if just the flooring became wet or damp, there is still a change that flooring damage restoration can occur with the right professional-grade tools.
  2. Portioned damage. Often, when the damage occurs slowly and repeatedly, like a dripping washing machine onto one section of the floor or someone taking the same worn path time and time again, you might notice damage to one area whereas the surrounding areas of flooring are fine. Flooring damage restoration is perfect for cases like these when the flooring is in otherwise good shape, save one area.
  3. Minimal Damage. If your flooring damage was limited or quickly contained and stopped, then flooring damage restoration could very well be a possibility for you!

If you’d like to learn more about the scenarios in which flooring damage restoration is an option for you, please call us at Above Board Flooring. We would love to help make your flooring beautiful once more.