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Drywall Services, Mooresville, NC

We’ll take care of any drywall services you need in your home.

Drywall is a key component in the construction of structures. This construction material is used to create ceilings and walls and is found in homes, businesses, and just about every building you’ll ever visit. Before drywall was invented in the early 20th century, building walls was a very challenging task that involved applying layers of plaster over wooden strips. This process was time-consuming as the builders had to wait until every layer was dry to apply additional plaster. Drywall transformed the construction industry, improving the way walls are constructed.

Drywall Services in Mooresville, North Carolina

Although drywall is easier to use than plaster layers, it’s still something that’s best left to a professional. At Above Board Flooring, we offer a variety of drywall services to clients in Mooresville, North Carolina. Our experienced team members provide drywall finishing, boarding, installation, repair, and taping. In order to create a smooth, visually appealing wall or ceiling, the drywall must be properly sanded, taped, and finished. This leaves behind a blank canvas for painting. We can take care of these tasks as part of a renovation project or when the drywall in your home or business needs some work.

Our company’s name might suggest that we only offer flooring services, but drywall is also one of our areas of expertise. We have been serving customers in the Mooresville area for more than 25 years and take pride in providing quality workmanship on every job. If you have questions about our drywall services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll take care of any drywall services you need in your home.

At Above Board Flooring, we offer drywall services in Lake Norman, Charlotte, Cornelius, Denver, Huntersville, Mooresville, Pineville, Matthews, Ballantyne, Sherrills Ford, and Terrell, North Carolina.


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