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Alternative Flooring Ideas For Your Bedroom

Alternative Flooring Ideas For Your Bedroom

Is carpet flooring not your design style? Whether your reasons are health-related (allergies), maintenance concerns, or design restrictions, there are other ways to make your bedroom as elegant and comfortable as a room with carpet flooring.

HGTV gives us suggestions on carpet flooring alternatives. Here are some of the things that we love the most:

Cooling Off With Tile Flooring

Tile flooring can be cold to the touch but if you are living somewhere with a warmer climate, walking on cold tiles in the morning is a welcome feeling.  This style uses neutral hexagonal tiles that give this room a rustic feel.

Soften It With a Rug

If you feel like you will still miss the feeling of soft and plushy carpet on your feet but can’t commit to the cleaning and care that it will entail, go for a non-committal rug. Find a rug bigger than the size of your bed and one in contrast to the color of your floor. This particular style uses a shag rug on hardwood flooring. The softness of the rug gives out a playful vibe while balancing the appeal of the hard and polished flooring.

Rocking the Industrial Style

Exposed pipes and concrete flooring exude a relaxed and industrial vibe. It’s easy to clean and maintain too! Concrete can be a little too cold though so you might need to consider heated flooring for winter days.

Read the rest of the article here!

If you need more assistance in choosing the right flooring for your bedroom, contact us at 704-746-1311. We’d love to help out!

Will It Clean? Watch the Mohawk Carpet Challenge

Mowhawk Flooring manufactures one of the most easy to clean carpets in the industry. Charlotte Flooring company Above Board Floors presents the will it clean challenge showing how Mowhawk flooring let the crowd of the Tough Mudder challenge cross the finish over a stark while carpet. The results are amazing making Mowhawk Carpet the easiest to clean carpet in the world and you best local flooring store.


How Does Flooring Affect My Home Value

The type of flooring question is one we hear a lot as it relates to the impact on home values. Recently flooring expert and owner of Above Board Flooring in Charlotte, NC and Mooresville, NC Andrew Linford touched on this topic in the video below.

While there many types of flooring to choose from for your home that look great and will last a very long time, hardwood flooring offers the greatest increase in your homes value. Home appraisers consider hardwood flooring an upgrade option to any home.

Other flooring options that are highly desirable for looks, wear and value is tile. Today’s tile flooring can range to fit most any budget and is a great choice for any area of the house. The type of type you use does make a difference. Like most flooring products, tile flooring varies in price. Tile thickness, water absorption and wear rating, scratch resistance and C.O.F (Coefficient of Friction) rating all factor into the value of the tile installation and home value.

When we look at flooring on a value scale, vinyl flooring is more of a base flooring consideration. However, with so many design options AND considering your lifestyle options, vinyl flooring offers an affordable way to give your home a visual upgrade.

Here’s a good overview from HGTV

HGTV logo

If you have questions about which flooring choice can best improve your homes value, give us a call. We offer a free no hassle estimate. We will not be beat on quality and price.

How to Keep Your Carpets Clean

We don’t know about you, but we love the feel of carpet under our feet—especially when it is plush and clean. However, with wear and tear our carpets don’t feel or look as nice as they did before. Carpet installations are an investment in your home so you should take the time to care for them properly and protect them. We have put together some tips here to help protect your carpets with little to no costs.

Remember there are things that are going to damage your carpet, such as wear and tear, that you simply cannot do anything about. However, many things can be prevented.

1.) Use area rugs: Lay down several rugs to protect your carpet. Move them around to change up the look of your home. You can also use area rugs as holiday decorations. Simply purchase rugs in a holiday print or color and use it to add some color. If you are renting a home, area rugs will also help insure you get your deposit back.

2.) Vacuum once a week: Keep the dust, dirt and hair from being imbedded into your carpet by vacuuming it up before it buries itself any deeper. Add vacuuming to your weekly chore list and your carpets will thank you.

3.) Clean spots immediately: If you spill something on the carpet, do not let it set. Use paper towels to blot up the wetness and then press a sponge that is soaked in clear, warm water to the stain. If the stain remains still, get your carpet spot cleaner and clean up the spill according to directions using a carpet cleaning agent.

4.) Rent a carpet cleaning machine: Renting a machine might cost a few bucks but will pay for itself in the long run. Move all of the furniture out of the room first and then follow the directions for the particular machine you rented. Machines are especially helpful on stains that have set and won’t come up with other methods.

5.) Hire a carpet cleaning service: About once every 2 years or so, depending on the traffic in your house, it is a good idea to hire a professional carpet cleaner. Their machines can simple clean better than the ones you can rent. We would be glad to offer a recommendation if you need one.

6.) Take your shoes off: Make it a rule that family members must take their shoes off at the door and not walk around the house in them. Provide a place for the shoes to be placed and keep the dirt contained.

7.) Use carpet fresh powders: Follow the directions on the package, but usually you can sprinkle this fresh-smelling powered on the carpets and let it sit for 10-15 minutes to work its way into the fibers before vacuuming. While this doesn’t necessarily keep the carpets clean, it does make then smell fresher. Do this about once a month.

We hope you have found some of these tips useful. Our goal is to keep our customers happy. If you are in the market for new carpets, hardwoods or tile flooring, we would be glad to assist you in your home renovation project.

Now is a good time to install new carpeting before family arrives for the Holidays.

Give us a call if you have any questions.

Charlotte and Mooresville

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Plush Carpet


Known for its distinctive weave, Plush pile is cut to a smooth, level height. Often visualized by well manicured cut grass. Plush carpet is VERY comfortable to walk on or for babies to crawl on.It is a  very cozy covering suitable for any bedroom carpet, family room carpet, stair carpeting.

Benefits of Plush Carpet

Being typically more dense than you may find with other carpeting carpeting, Plush floor covering tends to be more widely available.

The construction of plush carpets has the small fibers closely spaced, This provides cushioning effect that can be felt even without using a pad underneath.

We’ll say it again, for homes with children, plush carpets are a great option. Adults even find it more comfortable to sit on the floor, especially during play time with little ones and pets.

Commercial Carpet

At above Board Flooring, we don’t just focus on carpet for the home. We carry a fantastic line of commercial carpets

Types of Commercial Carpet We Carry:

Commercial-Carpet-flooring-charlotte-NCOffice and Business Carpet
Retail Store Carpet
Hotel Carpet
Restaurant Carpet
Church Carpet
Movie Theater Capet
Showroom Carpet
Convention Center Capet
Game room Carpet
School Carpet

Commercial Carpet Styles


Berber Carpet


Berber carpets offer a unique combinations of comfort, durability, beautiful design options, stain resistance and great for budget minded homeowners and businesses.

There are 4 Types of Berber Carpet

  •     Nylon Berber Carpet
  •     Olefin Berber Carpet
  •     Polyester Berber Carpet
  •     Wool Berber Carpet
  •     Berber Carpet Tiles

Berber Carpet Pricing

Type of Fiber

There is a wide variety in Berber carpet options that can affect pricing. The type of fiber you choose can vary price from as low as $1.50 per square foot for polyester. Nylon fiber Berber carpets are more of a mid range pricing. While wool fiber Berber being a natural material and feel noticeably more comfortable can be priced closer to $10 per square foot and up.

Face Weight

Berber carpet can vary based on how much carpet fibers you get per square yard. It is measured in ounces and can vary greatly. Many find a face weight around 35 ounces per square yard to be quite nice for any home or office.

A word of advice, face weight is not something the average consumer can tell by just looking at it. You’ll want to check the label, or of you are in one of our showrooms in Charlotte or Mooresville, simply ask and we’ll be happy to show your the different variations. Lower face weights

Other factors to consider

Berbers durability is affected by how close the fibers are at the base of the carpet. This is also called carpet density. Twist level also affects it’s durability. A high twist level will hold Berber carpet together better.

Don’t forget about patterns. Complex patterns and where you lay the carpet can determine just how much extra square feet you will need to make sure you can seamlessly match the pattern.

Frieze Carpet


Frieze carpets offer a warm, comfortable and durarble flooring solution. It’s great for bedrooms, family rooms, play rooms. You’ll love the way frieze carpets feel to walk on. Above Board Flooring carries the best brands for you to choose from such as Stainmaster, Shaw and Mohawk.

Mohawk-floors-carpet-charlotte-nc-logo Shaw-floors-carpet-charlotte-nc-logo stainmaster-carpets-charlotte-nc-logo



Carpets and Carpet Installation Charlotte NC

Get The Carpet of Your Dreams with the Help of Charlotte’s Best

The carpet has a history of more than 5000 years. It provides warmth and comfort, and adds beauty and style to your home. There are numerous advantages of using carpets, besides the obvious aesthetic value. They provide excellent thermal insulation, and reduce noise and sounds around you. Soft to the touch, they give you a pleasant feeling, allowing you to relax after daily routine. They are great for cushioning footsteps, and will minimize injuries while also reducing slips and falls. That makes them ideal for families with small children or older people. Due to the huge selection of colors, sizes and patterns, they can really liven up any room, offering a unique look. If properly cleaned and maintained, they can keep their life and beauty for many years.

After making a decision concerning the style and color of your carpet, you now have to decide whether to install it yourself, or call in a professional. If you try to tackle the problem yourself and do a poor job by cutting and laying some portions and damage the carpet in the process, you not only lose the warranty, but also lose time, and need to buy a new one from your own pocket. Also, special tools are hard to find, and are difficult to use if not experienced. Your best bet is to find a reputable installer and let him do the job. Trying to install it on your own can end in any number of ways, so the question is, are you willing to take the risk, with all the certified installers out there?

Why not try one of the best, and contact Above Board Flooring? By asking for our professional help, your carpet and its installation will be fully covered by a warranty. You will get a large selection of carpets from high quality brands to choose from. We will send an estimator to measure the floor, decide how much material you need to buy, where to place seams and match patterns, while also minimizing waste. We will remove any furniture from the room, remove any old carpets and dispose of them on demand, before installing the new ones. All standards will be met, thanks to the experience and excellent workmanship of our installers. They will do their best to go above and beyond your expectations. Choose Above Board Flooring, and you will get a carpet that will withstand the test of time, and provide beauty and elegance to your home.

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