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When Is It Time To Refinish Your Hardwood Floors?

When Is It Time To Refinish Your Hardwood Floors?


Refinishing your hardwood floors is one of the least expensive ways to improve and change the look of your home. It is especially impactful if you have hardwood underneath your carpet and/or if you change the stain color.

To some extent, this is a personal choice as to when you refinish your hardwood floors. I certainly have customers who are very particular and like their floors in tip top condition; I have others that have let their floors go for 20-30 years, so there is a wide range. On average, most customers will sand & refinish their floors every 10 yrs or so – potentially sooner if you have a busy household with lots of kids and pets; potentially longer if you/your kids take your shoes off in the house.

Refinishing your hardwood often costs less than most customers think – I love doing these free flooring estimates because I always feel like I’m delivering good news – here’s an inexpensive way that we can greatly improve the look of your home…and, it’s less than you thought it would be!

For those of you not familiar with the process, it is a bit long and messy, so this is often why people put it off. First, you sand the floors – you take off the first couple of layers (including the current stain color), so you are left with raw unfinished wood. Usually, you do 3 cuts (each one with finer sanding grains) so the floors are smooth. Then, you apply stain (or leave natural) and let it dry 24 hours. You then add on 2-3 coats of polyurethane letting each coat dry for 24 hrs (and you screen it in between coats so the poly will stick better). Women – for those that get manicures, it’s basically the same process to make sure your nail polish stays on longer.

During this time, you can not walk on the floors and ALL furniture needs to be moved out of the rooms. This is where the complications lie.


So, when is the best time to refinish your hardwood floors?

1. Before you move in. By far, this is the best time to refinish hardwood since there’s no furniture and no disruption of living nor the smell. So, if you know someone moving into a new home and considering this, tell them to do it NOW (before they move in) and not later. It’s also less expensive if the room is empty (no cost for moving furniture).

2. If you already live in your Charlotte or Lake Norman home, then try to refinish the floors while you are away. This is a must do if it involves steps or sections leading to the bedrooms – remember you can’t walk on them for 4-5 days. You also avoid the smell this way. Alternatively, you could stay with family or friends.

3. If you are selling your home, try to refinish before you sell. If your hardwood floors are in bad shape, it’s a reflection of how well the house your house is maintained. Doing this project before the house is listed is a very smart investment and believe me you will get your return on it. It will help your house sell faster and a higher value. If it’s not done, potential buyers know they will need to do it and they will think it’s more expensive than it really is and hold back that amount in what they are willing to pay for the home. Again, you may consider doing this while you’re away. Or, if you’ve already moved, now is a perfect time for it.

How Does Flooring Affect My Home Value

The type of flooring question is one we hear a lot as it relates to the impact on home values. Recently flooring expert and owner of Above Board Flooring in Charlotte, NC and Mooresville, NC Andrew Linford touched on this topic in the video below.

While there many types of flooring to choose from for your home that look great and will last a very long time, hardwood flooring offers the greatest increase in your homes value. Home appraisers consider hardwood flooring an upgrade option to any home.

Other flooring options that are highly desirable for looks, wear and value is tile. Today’s tile flooring can range to fit most any budget and is a great choice for any area of the house. The type of type you use does make a difference. Like most flooring products, tile flooring varies in price. Tile thickness, water absorption and wear rating, scratch resistance and C.O.F (Coefficient of Friction) rating all factor into the value of the tile installation and home value.

When we look at flooring on a value scale, vinyl flooring is more of a base flooring consideration. However, with so many design options AND considering your lifestyle options, vinyl flooring offers an affordable way to give your home a visual upgrade.

Here’s a good overview from HGTV

HGTV logo

If you have questions about which flooring choice can best improve your homes value, give us a call. We offer a free no hassle estimate. We will not be beat on quality and price.

Fixing Your Squeaky Hardwood Floors

Fixing Your Squeaky Hardwood Floors

You are sneaking into the kitchen for a midnight snack and suddenly the floor squeaks loudly as you take a step. Snack attack fail! What can be done to fix those squeaky hardwood floors?

What Causes the Squeak?

There are several reasons why a hardwood floor will squeak. Simply put, wood rubbing on wood is causing the squeak. One type of creak comes from a “side-to-side” squeaking in which two flooring planks are rubbing because they have expanded and are competing for space. Hardwood flooring contractors will often use a material that will naturally contract and expand based on the humidity and temperature in the room. However, if they do not have enough room to expand they could end up rubbing.

Sometimes hardwoods are just not nailed down properly which causes the boards to rub.

Additionally, some squeaks develop between the flooring and the subfloor. This is one is more difficult to fix. Insure that your flooring installer uses a quality underlay material when they install your hardwoods. This will help reduce this problem.

Another cause may be that the cross bracing has been install improperly. The one-by-threes should be positioned beneath the subfloor in an X pattern. Sometimes these braces can be placed too closely together and can rub.

Locating the exact cause can sometimes require a trial-and-error approach.

How to Fix the Squeak

For the “side-to-side” squeaking caused by the expansion of the boards, there is an easy solution. Powdered graphite can be applied generously over the seam to help eliminate the creaking. As you apply the powdered graphite, place a rag over the area that is squeaking and work the powder into the crack over and over until it has penetrated and quiets the squeak. This may require a few applications. Simply clean up the excess graphite with a damp cloth.

To fix the squeaking due to the braces in the subfloor, you can sand or chisel them down if you are able to see and reach them. If the subflooring isn’t accessible it becomes more difficult to fix this kind of squeak. Nails can be shot through the floor into the subfloor. Screws can also be used and would provide an even stronger hold. Any nail holes can be concealed with a filler in a color that matches your flooring. The whole floor can then be sanded and refinished—or you can just sand and refinish the holes.

If after all of these attempts, your floor is still squeaking in an inaccessible area, then you have two choices: either tear the flooring up to get to the source of the squeak or live with the squeak.

Above all, you need to be sure to hire a reputable flooring installer that will circumvent these problems with quality flooring installation.

Preparing Your Home for the Installation of New Hardwood Flooring

Preparing Your Home for the Installation of New Hardwood Flooring

You’ve purchased hardwood floors and now it is time to get your home ready for the installation. Here are some practical steps to get your home ready for the installation of hardwood flooring.

1. Make sure you notify the company that is installing your hardwoods if there if your home has had any standing water issues in the weeks leading up to the installation date. Excessive moisture can still be present in your floor even if it looks and feels dry. Hardwoods will be damaged if they are installed on top of floors with moisture.

2. Remove all furniture from the room where the installation is taking place. Some companies may provide this service for an additional charge.

3. Many installers need access to a 220 volt receptacle which are commonly used for large appliances such as dryers and washers. Clear a path to these plugs for your installer.

4. Move all breakables, valuables and electronics from the rooms where the installation will be taking place.

5. If you are having floors installed upstairs, insure that glass lights and globes in the rooms below are secure because they may come loose due to the vibrations,

6. For the same reason, you should remove any wall hangings, frames or art work in the rooms below as well.

7. Secure pets safely in the house. Your installers will probably need to go in and out of the house frequently and pets might take advantage of open doors. It might even be best to take them to a friend’s or neighbor’s house.

8. Keep children and pets away from the area where the installation is taking place due to power tools and sharp objects.

9. While much of the cutting will probably take place before the installers arrive, there may be some cutting that will have to take place at your home. If the installers have to cut places such as undercutting of door jams and existing floors for removal. Be prepared for dust and cover anything you might be concerned about.

Preparing your home for hardwood flooring can involve and little preparation and time but it will be well worth it when you walk across your new wood floors.

If you are in need of hardwood floors, advice or installation, give us a call at 704.746.1311.

Flooring Installation Charlotte NC

Flooring Installation Charlotte NC & Mooresville NC

Hardwood Flooring installation

Hardwood flooring can add value and beauty to your home and is very versatile, due to the wide variety of colors, panel widths and designs available. Contrary to popular belief, hardwood floors are very easy to maintain, and they can also be re-sanded and refinished multiple times, making them look like new for many years to come. At Above Board Flooring we can install new hardwood floors in your home or repair, restore, sand, stain and refinish your old, worn-out floors. Stop by one of our showrooms today to see all your options and request a free estimate.

Custom Flooring installation

The expert designers at Above Board Flooring can create the perfect floor for any room in your house. If hardwood is your material of choice, we can add custom borders, inlays, overlays or designs. We also offer a variety of tile, carpet, laminate, vinyl and more. To see examples of some of our custom projects from homes in your area, visit our gallery or stop by one of our conveniently located showrooms in Charlotte, North Carolina today.

Ceramic Tile Flooring installation

Ceramic tile flooring is attractive, easy to maintain, long-lasting and water-resistant. It is also very cost-effective for the value it provides. It is available in many colors, sizes, and designs and can be used in virtually any indoor or outdoor living space. At Above Board Flooring, we offer a wide variety of ceramic tile flooring options. Contact us today for a free estimate on your flooring project.

Carpet installation

Tile floors are beautiful, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, but there is nothing like getting out of bed to plush, soft carpet on your toes in the morning. Plus, carpets have come a long way in selection and design. No matter what your style is, you’re sure to find multiple carpeting options that suit perfectly and look amazing. We carry high-quality brands, so you know your carpets will last and look great for many years to come.

All Your Home Improvement Needs

At Above Board Flooringwe do much more than flooring. Looking for bathroom Remodeling? How about a remodeled kitchen? We can help. Need new granite countertops in the kitchen? No problem! We can even tackle room additions, custom staircases, window replacements, painting and deck installation. Free estimates are available, and we can even come to your home for a consultation with samples in hand. No job is too big or too small!
High-Quality Workmanship

At Above Board Flooring, we have been installing high-quality flooring throughout Charlotte, North Carolina since 1970. Our trained team of professional flooring installers has more than enough experience to customize your flooring project to your exact desires. We believe there is no substitute for high-quality workmanship, and we will do our best to go above and beyond your expectations on each and every project. Thanks to our proper installation, your new flooring will stand the test of time and add beauty and value to your home for many years to come.

For more information about our product lines please visit our products page by clicking here.

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